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City & Islington College


The CANDI Radio station project at the Centre for Business Arts and Technology played a key role in the development of students’ skills in the academic year 2014/15. Students who participated in the operation of CANDI Radio undertook a skills evaluation exercise under the four key headings for skills development at the Centre. These were: Successful Learners, Effective Contributors, Confident Individuals & Responsible Citizens. Under the four key headings students identified areas where they felt they had made progress in terms of their skill set development and where they felt there was scope for further development. Students involved in the CANDI Radio project also took part in a Skills Share peer learning exercise, sharing the skills they had developed through their engagement with the radio station with other students at the Centre.

David Smith, Interim Curriculum Manager, English, Maths and Skills, Centre for Business Arts and Technology, City and Islington College

Chloe Wheeler graduated from City and Islington College in 2015 with a BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production at distinction level.

She worked in the college radio station as part of her course and also to gain valuable work experience. She reflects:

Working on CANDI Radio really helped me expand my knowledge on not only the production side, but also with presenting. I developed a range of skills, including using software such as Adobe Audition, to record songs to then input into my show.

Every week I would create a new playlist to ensure I was keeping my music up to date and my information current. Presenting on CANDI Radio allowed me to interview a range of industry professionals, including Charlie Sloth, Clive Bull, Raffaella Coleman and Yasser. Each interview was different as I had to aim my questions more to their target audience and the station they present on.

From presenting my own weekly show, I become a lot more confident and felt I had gained a lot not only through independently trying out new things, but also through the help of my teacher, Mal. He was of great help and always ensured I knew what I was doing, allowing me to produce the shows to the best of my ability.