Synergy School Radio

I am proud to have a close business relationship with Synergy School Radio.

Synergy LogoWhether you are a small primary school or a nationally recognized major university, the key to making radio a success within a school or college environment is to design a technology that is fit for purpose, coupled with great training and support.

Synergy don’t supply the same products to education as we do our commercial clients as the level of sophistication demanded by such users would make it almost impossible for use within a school and would require extremely high levels of training and support.

Synergy School Radio packages are the only system where the hardware, software and furniture is both designed and manufactured by the same company.

This unique approach to designing a radio studio makes sure that there is no ‘passing the buck’ between suppliers in a few years’ time. The hardware is fully integrated with the software, resulting in an easier to use and ultimately more robust product.